Woke Media Group is a full-service ultramodern design studio that is passionate about providing innovative solutions to our client’s creative needs.


We are an agency founded by experts dedicated to providing sophisticated print publication, digital media, graphic design and web design.  We cater to every client from start-ups to established corporations. Being a small agency has its advantages. We can work with just about any budget, big or small. We use one on one strategic consultation to ensure you get the most for your money without sacrificing quality.

We personalize each of our client’s projects by putting together a personally selected group of creative experts that will work on your project from concept to completion.


Our passion for graphic design shines through when working with our clients to develop the best solutions for their brand’s design needs.  Whether it is logo design, branding, advertisement, package design or web design, our creative team will work closely with our clients to bring to life the brands true identity.

We work closely with our clients to develop their publication from concept to production.  We assign a specific team of creative innovators to each of our clients to bring to life the true essence of the client’s brand.  We cater to all clients whether their publishing needs include traditional print such as magazine, brochure, flyer and book design to digital media such as websites, e-zines, SEO online advertising and more.

The internet is a powerful tool to establish your brand.  At Woke Media, we combine our top of the line design and technical skills to create a site that will not only look great but can also present your products and services.

Whether it is a creative photo spread, innovative cross-marketing to create a larger audience while stretching your dollar.  Woke Inc is involved with the finest Modeling Houses and award winning photographers and videographers.  No short cuts are ever taken and the final product is a testament to the amazing talents Woke Inc employs to create your custom advertisement.  Stunning and smart yet, surprisingly affordable.  It is worth it, just for the price of admission.